Seminario 21 de Julio "Study of the UTR regions in the regulation of the SHORTROOT gene"

Seminario 14 de Julio "Analysis of the connection between cytochrome c and the snrk1-dependent growth and stress regulatory pathway"

Seminario 7 de Julio "Evolution of LIKE HETEROCHROMATIN PROTEIN 1 (LHP1) in Brassicaceae"

Seminario 30 de Junio "Public Comunication of Science: a colloquIAL register"

Seminario 23 de Junio "A tale of few sugars: regulation of carbon metabolism in plants"

Logran describir un nuevo proceso de generación de microARNs en plantas

Seminario 16 de Junio "Cross-talk between the TOR pathway and CYTc"

Seminario 9 de Junio "Inverted repeats as regulators of chromatin topology and gene expression in Arabidopsis"

Seminario 2 de Junio "Auxin modulates the expression of AtHB53 and AtHB40 which in place affect such hormone distribution, altering varied events of root development and response to abiotic stress"

Seminario 26 de Mayo "The role of Zinc finger transcription factors in the evolution of branched inflorescences" 

Seminario 19 de Mayo "Molecular and cellular characterization of the long non-coding RNA ENOD40 in Arachis hypogaea L. (peanut)"

Seminario 12 de Mayo "Halomonas titanicae KHS3 a halophilic bacterium as a bioplastic producer"