Seminario 16 de Septiembre: "Myc-regulated miRNAs modulate p53 expression and impact animal survival under nutrient deprivation"

Seminario 15 de Septiembre: “Functional characterization of thiol involved in antioxidant mechanisms and redox regulation from Entamoeba histolytica"

Seminario 1 de Septiembre: "Long noncoding RNA-mediated epigenetic regulation of shade avoidance syndrome in Arabidopsis"

Seminario 25 de Agosto: "Oops, HaHB11 did it again. Modeling the ideal rice plant architecture with GMO technology"

Seminario Especial 19 de Agosto: "Rearranged genomic segments of endogenized plant pararetroviruses as evidence of heritable RNA-based immunity”

Seminario 18 de Agosto: "Regulation of carbon metabolism in C4 plants by trehalose 6-phosphate"

Seminario 11 de Agosto: Mechanisms of metabolic adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster

Seminario 4 de Agosto "HYL1 associates HOS15-HDA9 complex to modulate pri-miRNA transcription"

Seminario 28 de Julio "AtHB23, AtMYB68 and AtPHL1: A complex interplay in Arabidopsis lateral and primary root development"

Seminario 21 de Julio "Study of the UTR regions in the regulation of the SHORTROOT gene"

Seminario 14 de Julio "Analysis of the connection between cytochrome c and the snrk1-dependent growth and stress regulatory pathway"

Seminario 7 de Julio "Evolution of LIKE HETEROCHROMATIN PROTEIN 1 (LHP1) in Brassicaceae"