CICLO 2020

5-mar "Role of HASTY in the micro RNA biogenesis" Damian Cambiagno SBL
12-mar "Functional characterization of thiol and metalloproteins involved in antioxidant mechanisms and redox regulation from Entamoeba histolytica" Franco Birocco LEM

16-abr / Virtual 


Entre 12/04 y 16/04 SUSPENDIDO por COVID19 

"APOLO long noncoding RNA scaffold activity linking methylation machineries reveals conserved regulatory complexes across kingdoms"


Camille Fonouni-Farde



23-abr / Virtual

"El rol de AtHB23 en la arquitectura radicular en respuesta a la salinidad" Florencia Perotti LBV
30-abr/ Virtual "The CyTORchrome C interaction pathway" Ma. Victoria Canal LBM
07-may/Virtual "Kranz leaf development in grasses: a matter of priorities" Santiago Prochetto LGED
14-may/ Virtual "Kinetic and structural characterization of a glycosyl phosphorylase from Euglena gracilis”  Rodrigo Calloni LEM
21-may/ Virtual “Chemoreceptors of H. titanicae KHS3 involved in response to hydrocarbons” Rocío Balmaceda LMM
28-may/ Virtual “Key role of the motor protein Kinesin 13B in the activity of homeodomain leucine zipper I transcription factors" Virginia Miguel LBV
4-jun/Virtual "Study of the molecular mechanisms of action of TCP transcription factors of Arabidopsis thaliana" Antonela Alem LBM
11-jun/Virtual "Assessment of  the gene regulatory role of Inverted Repeats through their impact on Chromatin Topology" Agustín Arce SBL
18-jun/Virtual “Characterization of mechanisms regulating phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase activity in Arabidopsis thaliana Bruno Rojas LEM
24-jun/Virtual "The transcription factors AtHB23 and PHR1-like1 interact to modulate carbohydrate transport" Fiorella Spies LBV
02-jul/Virtual CTYC modula la elongación del hipocotilo en Arabidopsis Diana Gras LBM
30-jul/Virtual "MicroRNA biogenesis with a hawaiian twist" Delfina Gagliardi SBL
06-Ago/Virtual "Functional, kinetic and structural characterization of enzymes involved in mannitol and raffinose metabolism in plants" Romina Minen LEM
13-Ago/Virtual "Halomonas titaniace KHS3 as a bioplastic producer" Ailén Rodríguez LMM
20-Ago/Virtual "How to be a crop and not die in the attempt" Jesica Raineri LBV
27-Ago/Virtual "Characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana plants expressing the HaOXR2 protein from sunflower" Pablo Torti LBM
03-Sep/Virtual "Molecular characterization of mechanisms that regulate the final morphology of cereal inflorescence" Carolina Bellino LGED
10-Sep/Virtual "DEVELOPMENT OF MOLECULAR TOOLS  FOR BIOREFINERY STRATEGIES: Biochemical characterization of Ruminococcus albus lignocellulose degradation enzymes" Alem Storani LEM
17-Sep/Virtual  "APOLO long noncoding RNA and protein partners in stomata" Ma. Florencia Legascue EPILAB
24-Sep/Virtual "Identification of mechanisms associated with yield increase caused by mechanical treatment in dicotyledonous plants" Lorena Raminger LBV
01-Oct/Virtual "Dicer regulation upon starvation in Drosophila" Juan Sanchez LBM
08-Oct/Virtual “Elucidating HYL1 C-terminal function” Natalia Achkar SBL
15-Oct/Virtual “A new type of methionine sulfoxide reductase in Trypanosoma cruzi'' Nadia González LEM
22-Oct/Virtual "Role of CheR2 methyltransferase in a Halomonas titanicaeKHS3 chemosensing system related to biofilm production" Fernando Ramos Ricciuti LMM
Catia Mora LBV
Clara Ingaramo LBM
Axel Giudicatti SBL
Nadia Gonzalez LEM
Ma. Florencia Mammarella EPILAB
Valentina Trionfini LBV
Victoria Gastaldi LBM
Lucia Gonzalo SBL