5-mar "Role of HASTY in the micro RNA biogenesis" Damian Cambiagno SBL
12-mar "Functional characterization of thiol and metalloproteins involved in antioxidant mechanisms and redox regulation from Entamoeba histolytica" Franco Birocco LEM

16-abr / Virtual


Entre 12/04 y 16/04 SUSPENDIDO por COVID19

"APOLO long noncoding RNA scaffold activity linking methylation machineries reveals conserved regulatory complexes across kingdoms"


Camille Fonouni-Farde



23-abr / Virtual "El rol de AtHB23 en la arquitectura radicular en respuesta a la salinidad" Florencia Perotti LBV
30-abr/ Virtual "The CyTORchrome C interaction pathway" Ma. Victoria Canal LBM
07-may/Virtual "Kranz leaf development in grasses: a matter of priorities" Santiago Prochetto LGED
14-may/ Virtual "Kinetic and structural characterization of a glycosyl phosphorylase from Euglena gracilis”  Rodrigo Calloni LEM
21-may/ Virtual “Chemoreceptors of H. titanicae KHS3 involved in response to hydrocarbons” Rocío Balmaceda LMM
28-may/ Virtual “Key role of the motor protein Kinesin 13B in the activity of homeodomain leucine zipper I transcription factors" Virginia Miguel LBV
4-jun/Virtual "Study of the molecular mechanisms of action of TCP transcription factors of Arabidopsis thaliana" Antonela Alem LBM
11-jun/Virtual "Assessment of  the gene regulatory role of Inverted Repeats through their impact on Chromatin Topology" Agustín Arce SBL
18-jun/Virtual “Characterization of mechanisms regulating phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase activity in Arabidopsis thaliana Bruno Rojas LEM
24-jun/Virtual "The transcription factors AtHB23 and PHR1-like1 interact to modulate carbohydrate transport" Fiorella Spies LBV
02-jul/Virtual CTYC modula la elongación del hipocotilo en Arabidopsis Diana Gras LBM
30-jul/Virtual "MicroRNA biogenesis with a hawaiian twist" Delfina Gagliardi SBL
06-Ago/Virtual "Functional, kinetic and structural characterization of enzymes involved in mannitol and raffinose metabolism in plants" Romina Minen LEM
13-Ago/Virtual "Halomonas titaniace KHS3 as a bioplastic producer" Ailén Rodríguez LMM
20-Ago/Virtual "How to be a crop and not die in the attempt" Jesica Raineri LBV
27-Ago/Virtual "Characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana plants expressing the HaOXR2 protein from sunflower" Pablo Torti LBM
03-Sep/Virtual "Molecular characterization of mechanisms that regulate the final morphology of cereal inflorescence" Carolina Bellino LGED
10-Sep/Virtual "DEVELOPMENT OF MOLECULAR TOOLS  FOR BIOREFINERY STRATEGIES: Biochemical characterization of Ruminococcus albus lignocellulose degradation enzymes" Alem Storani LEM
17-Sep/Virtual  "APOLO long noncoding RNA and protein partners in stomata" Ma. Florencia Legascue EPILAB
24-Sep/Virtual "Identification of mechanisms associated with yield increase caused by mechanical treatment in dicotyledonous plants" Lorena Raminger LBV
01-Oct/Virtual "Dicer regulation upon starvation in Drosophila" Juan Sanchez LBM
08-Oct/Virtual “Elucidating HYL1 C-terminal function” Natalia Achkar SBL
15-Oct/Virtual “A new type of methionine sulfoxide reductase in Trypanosoma cruzi'' Nadia González LEM
22-Oct/Virtual "Role of CheR2 methyltransferase in a Halomonas titanicaeKHS3 chemosensing system related to biofilm production" Fernando Ramos Ricciuti LMM
29-Oct/Virtual "AtHB40 plays a role in main root elongation involving the auxin transporter LAX3" Catia Mora LBV
06-Nov/Virtual  "Metabolic role of p53 in Drosophila melanogaster" Clara Ingaramo LBM
12-Nov/Virtual "Co-transcriptional processing of pri-miRNA" Lucía Gonzalo SBL
19-Nov/Virtual "Sucrose metabolism in Nitrosomonas europaea" Victoria Ferretti LEM
26-Nov/Virtual "The physiological role of APOLO in the aerial part" Ma. Florencia Mammarella EPILAB
03-Dic/Virtual "Study of HD Zip transcription factors in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza Sativa. Analysis of its role in plant development for future biotechnological applications" Valentina Trionfini LBV
10-Dic/Virtual "El rol de las proteínas TCP de clase I en el desarrollo de ramas axilares en Arabidopsis thaliana" Victoria Gastaldi LBM
17-Dic/Virtual "miRvolution: Which came first ?" Axel Giudicatti SBL