22-abr/Virtual "Study of the molecular mechanisms of action of TCP transcription factors of Arabidopsis thaliana" Antonela Alem LBM
29-abr/Virtual "Modulación de la topología del genoma por ARNs pequeños derivados de repeticiones invertidas" Dra. Regina Mencia SBL
6-may/Virtual "Quimiotaxis general y formación de biofilm en Halomonas titanicae KHS3" Mic. Rocío Balmaceda LMM
13-may/Virtual "Regulation of carbon metabolism in C4 plants by trehalose 6-phosphate" Lic. Tomás Tonetti LEM
20-may/Virtual "The transcription factor AtHB23 is needed for root development in salinity media" Lic. Ma. Florencia Perotti LBV
27-may/Virtual  "Evolution of LIKE HETEROCHROMATIN PROTEIN 1 (LHP1) in Brassicaceae" Dr. Natanael Mansilla EPILAB
3-jun/Virtual "The CyTORchrome C interaction pathway" Ma Victoria Canal LMM
10-jun/Virtual "Extensive Analysis of miRNA Trimming and Tailing in Arabidopsis thaliana" Agustín Arce SBL
17-jun/Virtual "C4 photosynthesis and leaf gradient in grasses" Santiago Prochetto LED
24-jun/Virtual Franco Birocco LEM
01-jul/Virtual The transcription factors AtHB6 and AtHB16 modulate light responses in Arabidopsis development Virginia Miguel LBV
08-jul/Virtual  "Interaction between transcription factors and non-coding RNAs: a role in Arabidopsis root plasticity?" Andana Barrios EPILAB
15-jul/Virtual "OXR2 proteins from Arabidopsis and sunflower improve tolerance to UV-B damage in Arabidopsis" Pablo Torti LBM
22-jul/Virtual "New insights into miRNA biogenesis in plants" Ileana Tossolini SBL
29-jul/Virtual "Optimizing the PHB production from glycerol"  Ailén Rodríguez LMM
5-ago "Kinetic and functional characterization of a Glycosyl phosphorylase from Euglena gracilis" Rodrigo Calloni LEM
12-ago "The interacting transcription factors PHL1 and AtHB23 stimulate carbohydrate transport from source to sink tissues" Fiorella Spies LBV
19-ago "Epigenetic regulation of BRC1" Florencia Mammarella EPILAB
26-ago "Myc-regulated miRNAs modulate p53 expression"  Juan A. Sánchez LBM
2-sep "Unvealing HWS role in miRNA biogenesis" Delfina Gagliardi SBL
9-sep  "Role of MADS-box proteins in the evolution of the grass flower" Carolina Bellino LED
23-sep "Regulation of C4 metabolism in Setaria viridis by Tre6P" Bruno Rojas  LEM
7-oct "Together is better: HaHB11 plants are solidary under flooding" Jesica Raineri LBV
14-oct "APOLO-mediated protein complex involved in transcriptional feedback mechanism"   Florencia Legascue EPILAB
21-oct "Hyponastic Leaves 1 association with nascent pri-miRNA recruit the HOS15/HDA9 regulatory complex to MIRNA loci" Axel Giudicatti SBL
4-nov "Synergy between Ruminococcus albus lignocellulose degradation enzymes" Alem Storani  LEM
11-nov "Mechanical treatment as a strategy to increase seed and fruit production" Lorena Raminger LBV
18-nov "Transcription factors in the regulation of 3D chromatin conformation" Lucia Ferrero EPILAB
25-nov "Dicer-1 regulation upon starvation in Drosophila" Paula Gerve LBM
2-dic "R-Loops between nascent pri-miRNAs and the encoding loci promote cotranscriptional processing of miRNAs in plants" Lucia Gonzalo SBL